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Agency:California State Parks
Location:A few miles south of the CA/OR border on U.S. 101
Distance:2 miles (round trip)
Updated:Mar 2006
Season:Year round

Watch closely for the access road on the ocean side of the road, which resembles a typical driveway and isn't very well marked. This beach, one of the area's longest with good, solid sand, is well suited for a stroll or a jog. There are also plenty of agates, and a few monoliths rising from the surf off the coast that make this a beach of some distinction. In addition, there is a nice view of the rather unique south-facing stretch of coastline and hills beyond on which sits the city of Brookings, Oregon.

Kamph stands out from most Northern California beaches in one key aspect: lack of tire marks, probably only because it doesn't have good automobile access. Here, unlike in Oregon, it is legal, and apparently quite popular, to drive on the beaches.

We enjoy the beach at Kamph very much during the winter when there aren't that many tourists around. In summer, we prefer nearby Pelican Beach, which is similar in every respect except no facilities and fewer people. For camping, the Oregon side has much more to offer. Check out Loeb and Harris Beach State Parks.

It is also possible to camp here. The campsites are on a grassy area near the beach, which could be pleasant during the summer. Unfortunately, the restrooms seem to be consistently filthy. They were so in 1997, and were again when we dropped by for a quick check in 2006.

Beach Trail (1 - 2 miles)

A path begins to the south side of the parking lot and follows a small creek down to the beach. Continue north or south along the beach to your heart's content.


Tent Site $5.00 a night. Sites have tables and grill, 1 campsite directly on beach, 2 with ocean views.
Restrooms Flush toilets, spring loaded faucets, cold water only.
Checkout 2:00 p.m., Stay limited to 3 days.
Pets Must be kept on leash.
Features Pay phone, Water.


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