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Agency:California State Parks
Location:10 miles south of Brookings on U.S. Highway 101
Updated:Aug 1997
Season:Year round

This scenic beach which straddles the Oregon/California border is very lightly used in comparison to its sister beaches. The fact that it is easy to miss even when you know where to look no doubt contributes to its blissful solitude. Coming from Oregon, look for the first right turn immediately after the agricultural inspection station. A large sign, invisible from the highway, identifies the park access road. It is a short walk to the beach from the end of the loop.

A fifteen minute walk north on the beach will take you to Oregon. There is no clear sign of the border, but it is somewhere between the parking area and the mouth of the Winchuck River. Here is where the beach's namesake Pelicans dive for fish. Multitudes of seagulls also compete with them for feeding rights.

We usually turn around here and return to the car. It is possible to continue along the south river bank to Highway 101 on the Oregon side, and an alternate parking spot at a wide area south of the bridge. Another option, after the water level drops in summer, is to ford the Winchuck and continue north on the other side.

An unpaved parking area north of the Winchuck provides access to this portion of the beach without fording. Be prepared to dodge potholes, however.


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