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Agency:Oregon State Parks
Location:Off Highway 26 east of Seaside, Oregon
Distance:4.7 miles (round trip) - Trail Map
Total Ascent:2,645 feet
High Point:3,290 feet
Low Point:1,511 feet
Updated:Jun 2010

Saddle Mountain is the highest point in the north Oregon coast range, so naturally it is a draw just for that fact alone. The mountain itself is quite eroded and composed of a lot of decomposed sedimentary rock, so combined with heavy annual rainfall, trail maintenance is pretty much constantly needed here.  The access road heads north from Highway 26 and snakes through the woods for 10+ miles to the remote trailhead, from which the trail begins a pleasant and easy ascent through birches. Eventually it steepens and heads ever higher toward the double summit. The final ascent can be a tricky scramble up steep slopes strewn with loose pebbles. There is a cable ladder embedded in the trail to provide some assistance. On a fine day the view from the top extends all the way to the Pacific Ocean and Astoria. On probably at least half the days of summer, you will see nothing but fog. Try to come here on a day when the winds are blowing off shore for good views.


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